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First of all i want to ask you a few questions...

Why hello there ambitious lady, i am thrilled that you have found us here.

Are you a creative female entrepreneur?

Are you ready to step up for 2019 because you are literally sick of not getting the business results and success you desire? Not to mention taming that negative voice in your head!

Would you like to grow your creative business through attracting more clients and income?

Would you like to be part of a small but special network where we regularly meet up and connect, share and build genuine authentic relationships?

Then I have something super special for you!

I created the Member's Lounge from my heart and soul. I really do want you to succeed in business and life. But not any old life - that dream life you always wanted! So I created a super affordable monthly membership programme which is called Member's Lounge. 

The Member's Lounge is right for you if you...

Are actually ready to take action like yesterday and you want to be part of a collective with other likeminded, energetic and ambitious Asian women. 

Want to have access to monthly special digital masterclasses created by myself and other amazing experts which helps you launch, run and grow a successful business. Not to mention a live Q&A with me each month along with regular meet up's in London and Birmingham

Don't want to be hanging around in free Facebook groups hoping someone will answer your business questions. You want to feel supported by a mentor and like minded other Asian woman!

Don't want to feel lonely in business and at home anymore because you have found the sister hood and community you have been searching for. Finally, some genuine human connections right?   

Want to invest in business training that is at a super affordable monthly price with no long term commitment or no risk to you. Oh and you can't afford a one to one mentor or mastermind at this current stage.

The Members Lounge is my new super affordable monthly membership programme for ambitious asian female entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and show up for themselves in business this year!

join the members lounge now!

Here's what's included...

Each month You'll get access to:

Digital masterclass

A digital masterclass which will help you grow your business and move you forward.

Q & A Session

Access to a monthly Q&A session with me plus support from me in our private Facebook group.


Access to invite only exclusive regular meet ups in Birmingham and London.

Bonus masterclasses

Instant access to FIFTEEN masterclasses on how to create your dream life, success mindset, goal setting and more!

And the best bit - the price. You will get access to all of this at a no brainer price of... wait for it.... £25 a month! Yes, you read that right £25! So that's 83p a day! Your dreams are worth that right?

£25 per month and cancel at anytime. This seriously is a no brainer price to be part of an amazing community!


Pay for three months and get one month free £75

Pay for a year in full and get two months free £250

Members lounge is currently closed for enrolment

"I decided to attend Sharn’s workshop in October last year and since then, things changed! I was more active with the business, I had more fire in my belly and the vision was clearer than ever. I jumped at the chance to join her mastermind and seriously, Sharn has helped us evolve into better businesswomen! I now have my highest earning month as we speak and that's due to the direction and guidance and push we've received from Sharn"

Tanya Vyas

"Having zero experience in social media and the aesthetics industry I achieved a lot and in 3 months got successful business.
Sharn provide amazing suppprt and I learnt a lot from other group members. I wanted to go for Masterminders but due to some study and training commitments I am not ready till end of this year.
I will highly recommend members lounge. It just push you to come out of your comfort zone.
Thank you so much Sharn and all the AFEC lounge members ."  

Veerpal Kaur Sandhu

"I can say nothing but fabulous things since joining and becoming one of Sharn’s masterminder’s. I chose to invest in myself and my Brand and made amazing things happen!!! Each month has been better than the last with regards to the content delivered and the support given. I’ve found that being visible and taking into account all the information that Sharn has given and putting it all in motion was very scary at first – but coming out of my comfort zone...reaching out for help and putting everything into practice was crucial for my business to move forward! THE RESULT? August has been my most lucrative month for 2018 and also from the previous years sales when compared to each quarter. Elated is an understatement!"  


"I have been a part of the Members Lounge since it launched last September and I honestly love it! There is a monthly training - which is always beneficial to watch, but works best if you actually implement the teachings. The topics vary each month but I always find them useful and applicable to my business.

There is a monthly Q&A session, which is good not only to have your own questions answered but also to listen to what others are going through and learn from it.

The thing I find I enjoy the most about the Members Lounge are the members! It is so good having the support of other women and being able to sound off ideas in the group, have a rant if needed, but all in all to learn from each other.

I definitely have found value from being in the Members Lounge and I feel my business has improved because of it. I would definitely recommend joining!"

Mandeep Kaur Gandham

"I attended Sharn’s Shine Bright workshop in Jan 2018. Sharn herself is a strong, determined, motivated, inspirational woman who is very bubbly and friendly. The workshop completely surpassed my expectations, it was very inspiring, motivating and informative and I honestly believe it’s massively helped me to get my mindset in place for the opening of my first salon, it’s also provided me with the relevant information that it will aid me in growing my business moving forward. In the workshop she focused a lot on branding and marketing and these are topics I’ve always been very weak at in business so I think that massively helped me too. Thank you so much Sharn you are absolutely amazing, keep up the great work, I look forward to everything that is to come”.


"The Member's lounge is a great place to learn and get support. I joined it after being in Sharn's free Facebook group. The content is really inspiring and it's great to be in a group where women support each in a positive way."


"Sharn's workshop in January put me in a whole new direction with my business. She made me see how everything I was thinking were just blocks, how setting clear goals will help you achieve them and how to add more structure on a day to day basis. One of the biggest things that has massively helped me has been the mindset part of it. I have achieved so much since the workshop so thank you Sharn!” 

Bhavi Shah

"I started JayKrish Arts just over 2 years ago. After an amazing start, business started to slow, I mean zero £ months. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought I was doing everything right. I then came across this group and the amazing Sharn. I learnt what I needed to do to help move my business forward. Within a short time I had my highest income month from everything Sharn was teaching this group, so when Sharn created the members lounge I absolutely jumped on the chance to join.

For anyone who is wondering if it is worth joining, I have to say a big fat YESSSSS! She provides so much value, great training, you can ask Sharn questions in the Q & A and you are surrounded by the most inspiring women who take time to help and support you when you need it, be that in business or something in your own life. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, its amazing.

I look back at my facebook page and some of my posts were really not great, my pages likes and follows were very low. This year since joining the members lounge my social media marketing has sky rocketed. I have gone from around 300 likes to over 1250! I have rebranded, launched my website and seen success month on month.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level then join. Its so affordable and the content is worth much more"

The member's lounge has been so amazing for my business. The trainings have helped me move it in the right direction and the Q&A sessions with Sharn are great. The support you get from the other ladies is invaluable.

Indu GaUtAma


Only a few years back I was a bullied corporate employee. I hated my job and felt stuck and unfilled. I left my high flying marketing agency role to follow my dreams, as cliché as it sounds! Oh and I grew up on the roughest streets of Swindon surrounded by drugs and prostitutes.   

I also have a wedding planning company called Desi Bride Dreams. Desi Bride Dreams has been flagged as a ‘name to know’ in the UK Asian wedding world. From its inception in September 2015, myself and my team have worked on a huge variety of weddings and they have managed weddings with budgets in excess of £100,000. 

I'm Sharn Khaira, and I am a business and mindset mentor

Desi Bride Dreams has been featured in some of the biggest UK wedding titles including You & Your Wedding magazine and Perfect Wedding magazine. We have also been featured in global wedding blogs such as Strictly Weddings, Nu Bride, Secret Wedding blog to name a few.   

I have also spoken out about the Asian wedding market and her role for titles such as Asian Today and Asian Leader as well as being featured on the BBC Breakfast show as a guest expert and the BBC Asian Network.   

Last year I exceeded my corporate income and I consistently hit five figure months in my business. Not only that – I have helped some of my masterminders to do that too.   

Last year I travelled to LA, Canada, Italy, Chicago, Miami, Switzerland and the year isn’t over. I can whole heartedly say I am living my best life! I like to lead by example and show you what’s possible. Because if I can do it so can you! 

As seen in..

Here are just some of my mentoring and mastermind results from some incredible women I have worked with: 

These are just some of the phenomenal success stories!

Tina completely transformed herself within a space of a few months. Something was missing when she attended the workshop and having been through a miscarriage she had lost her spark. When she launched Wrap it By Tina in July 2018 she had to close the online shop as demand was so high!  

Sunita who is a makeup artist celebrated August being her highest income month ever!

Sonal who is a toastmaster relaunched her business with a huge bang! This included multiple pieces of media including Khush Magazine and BBC Asian Network! She also had her highest income month ever and has launched her own public speaking workshops!

Jaineesha who is both an international makeup artist and founder of Blooms had an incredible year in terms of income and clients. She booked multiple destination bookings, won an award for her new business and got picked up by the Glamour You Tube channel. Oh, and she was on BBC Asian Network! 

Nish celebrated two consecutive five figure months in revenue – that’s over £10k in revenue!  

Tanya who is a makeup artist celebrated her highest income month in July and got two pieces of amazing press coverage including BBC Oxford Radio! She also has collaborated with John Lewis for their paid Diwali campaign!

Charul who is an energy healer celebrated August being her highest income ever since her business started.  

Rav relaunched her party planning business in September 2018 and has had consecutive fully booked months since. She has booked celebrity and highly influential clients and continues to do so! In other words, her business is smashing it!  

Zainab and Aarti are celebrating being on the BBC Asian Network radio in the first two weeks of the mastermind! This opportunity definitely would have not happened if they weren't in the mastermind!

Kajal went from doing £3k income months and is on track to hit her six figures in business this year.

Sonali soft launched her new wellness retreat just three weeks into the new mastermind and had her highest income month ever in May 2019.

Zainab sold out her first London workshop and had her highest income month in February 2019.

Monthly digital masterclass with my myself or another expert. There is already a suite of SIX trainings waiting for you from creating your dream life, branding, financial empowerment and many more!

Live monthly Q&A session each month so you can get all of your business questions answered. Get my tailored business expertise on your business!

Access to exclusive members only meet up's which are hosted in London and Birmingham. Think high vibe drinks, afternoon tea's and more!

Here's what you get...

monthly masterclasses

Monthly Q&a Session

Members only meet-ups

Some of the masterclasses to look forward to...

Mindset and Success Routines 

How To Work Out Your Ideal Client  

How to sell out events

Goal setting Including End of Year Reviews

How To Set Up a Business And the Legalities

Social Media Strategy


Instagram Strategy

Amazing customer experience

This seriously is a no brainer price to be part of an amazing community! 

£25 per month and cancel at anytime. 


Pay for three months and get one month free £75

Pay for a year in full and get two months free £250

members lounge is currently closed for enrolment 

Your investment...

Join monthly


Join for only £25 per month and cancel at anytime.

Join Quarterly


Pay £75 for three months and get one month free. Cancel at anytime.

Join annually


Pay for the year in full and get two months free. Cancel at anytime.

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