My name is Sharn Khaira and I am a business and mindset mentor and international motivational speaker

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I love helping female entrepreneurs step into their purpose and I view it as  an honour to watch as they discover  the best versions of themselves while creating the impact and income they crave. I believe you can build the life you desire because anything is possible. Why? I walked the same path.

My parents spent most of their lives as factory workers and I was raised in a super strict Sikh family. I hated secondary school and most of my lunchtimes were spent hiding in the toilets as I had no friends. But life after secondary school got good. I started to rebel and become my own women. It was liberating to challenge the Asian culture and transform myself. I didn't need to be the little Indian girl that was always going to sit at home and make the roti's.

After uni, I became a bullied corporate employee where l felt stuck, unfulfilled, and miserable. I suffered from anxiety and I knew I needed to get out of that toxic so-called job.

Through every phase of my life, I never failed to realise I held the power to change my own course.

So, in 2014 decided to leave my high-flying marketing agency role with a firm belief that I was meant for more than days spent working 9-5 with a mere 4 weeks of holiday per year. I was laughed at for having big dreams but l knew l had it in me.

I have worked on a huge variety of weddings including some with budgets in excess of £100,000.

Desi Bride Dreams has been featured in some of the biggest UK wedding titles, including You & Your Wedding magazine and Perfect Wedding magazine. We have been featured on global wedding blogs, such as Strictly Weddings, Nu Bride, Secret Wedding and more.

I have also spoken about the Asian wedding market in Asian Today and Asian Leader, and I have been featured on the BBC Breakfast Show and BBC Asian Network as a guest expert. In under two years Desi Bride Dreams became a super successful wedding planning business 

I am on a global mission to support, empower and educate as many asian female entrepreneurs as possible to smash down cultural blocks and live the life they deserve.

Apart from having a successful wedding planning business, I knew I had a deeper and more meaningful calling and I knew that just doing weddings couldn't just be my purpose.

In 2017 I set up the Asian Female Entrepreneur Collective which is a community of like minded Asian female entrepreneurs who want to reach their full potential and live their dream life. Therefore, l am on global mission to support, empower, and educate as many Asian female entrepreneurs as possible to smash down cultural blocks and barriers and live the lives they deserve. I started by sharing all I have learned with other female entrepreneurs and started seeing extraordinary results which included real transformations of confidence, income, mindset and more... 

Now I serve as a business and mindset mentor, offer one to one mentoring, masterminds and a monthly affordable membership programme to female entrepreneurs.

My credentials? I am an entrepreneur who has exceeded my corporate income. In 2018 l travelled to Chicago, LA, Miami, Canada, India, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland.

I said "yes" to my own dreams, and I am thrilled to have exceeded my personal ambitions. But, the best part is helping Asian women through mastermind, mentoring and Member's Lounge experience the same things and reach higher than they thought possible.

I like to lead by example because if I can do it, so can you!

What is the goal that seems too far away? What is the life you imagine living? Let's work together so you can smash down your own mindset and confidence barriers. 

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Here are just some of my mentoring and mastermind results from some incredible women I have worked with: 

Sonali soft launched her new wellness retreat just three weeks into the new mastermind and had her highest income month of £7k recently. She handed in her notice at work in 2019 at work and is now consistently booked with clients!

Sonal who is a toastmaster relaunched her business with a huge bang! This included multiple pieces of media including Khush Magazine and BBC Asian Network! She also had her highest income month ever and has launched her own public speaking workshops!

Sonali who is a brand designer completely changed her business model and is smashing her income goals each month! She also handed her notice in this year and is full time in her business

Nish celebrated two consecutive five-figure months in revenue – that’s over £10k in revenue!

Tanya who is a henna artist celebrated her highest income month in July and got two pieces of amazing press coverage including BBC Oxford Radio! She also has collaborated with John Lewis for their paid Diwali campaign!

Aarti celebrated being on the BBC Asian Network radio in the first two weeks of the mastermind! This opportunity definitely would have not happened if she wasn't in the mastermind!

Mandeep launched her website in the middle of lockdown week but still had an incredible amount of sales and record sales since then!

Kajal worked through her money blocks via the training and smashed some extremely big income ceilings! She continues to sell out her workshops and retreats since finishing the mastermind!

Sejal launched her beautiful luxury candle brand with a bang and an incredible amount of orders and her brand getting instant recognition!

Kam finally launched her healing business after sitting on her idea for 20 years!

Gurjinder joined the mastermind during the lockdown. She had to quickly pivot her business due to the events industry being on hold. She has been fully booked in her marketing business since April!

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If you are ready to step up and show up, I would love to help you through my bespoke mentoring programme. This programme is one of a kind and is a balanced mix of both mindset and marketing. 

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The Rebirth Mastermind is my signature five-month mastermind which helps female entrepreneurs create the income and impact they really want alongside creating their dream life.

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Dream & Rise is my monthly high vibe membership community. If you want epic super affordable monthly business trainings that will help move your business forwards then this is for you.

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