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don’t just take my word for this. I have been selling out masterminders, mentoring and workshops since last year. Here are the amazing results from some of the women who I have worked with.

"I decided to attend Sharn’s workshop in October last year and since then, things changed! I was more active with the business, I had more fire in my belly and the vision was clearer than ever. I jumped at the chance to join her mastermind and seriously, Sharn has helped us evolve into better businesswomen! I now have my highest earning month as we speak and that's due to the direction and guidance and push we've received from Sharn"

Tanya Vyas

"I can say nothing but fabulous things since joining and becoming one of Sharn’s masterminder’s. I chose to invest in myself and my Brand and made amazing things happen!!! Each month has been better than the last with regards to the content delivered and the support given. I’ve found that being visible and taking into account all the information that Sharn has given and putting it all in motion was very scary at first – but coming out of my comfort zone...reaching out for help and putting everything into practice was crucial for my business to move forward! THE RESULT? August has been my most lucrative month for 2018 and also from the previous years sales when compared to each quarter. Elated is an understatement!"  


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Sharn. I first came to your shine bright 1 day workshop and was blown away with content you shared. When you announced your mastermind I had to join. You share so much more then what I paid for. In last 6 months I have grown and each day I grow more. So much so that with your guidance, your spiritual and fact filled information and your true life experiences you share has given me such a boost that this August was my highest earning month in last 3 years. You share your knowledge openly, you give way more the one's expectations, what you practice is what you preach, its tried and tested by you first and then you share. So authentic, open, generous, honest and purposeful training. From bottom of my heart I would like to thank you. You are a blessing to all the women who wants to have their life and follow their dreams but need a hand to succeed when it comes to business and life. Stay blessed and keep doing the great work."


"I had started off great then had £0 months. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I joined AFEC in about April this year. I followed your trainings and watched your lives and realised I had not been showing up the way I thought I had. I started implementing what I had learnt from you and by June I had my highest income month so far and have seen a steady growth ever since. When I heard about the members lounge, I was super excited and joined straight away. I have continued following all your training and have so many amazing plans to grow my business in 2019. I have had busy festive period, which is amazing. It’s been so busy that I haven’t fully been able to take in all the new information from the recent trainings so have gone back and printed off all the information so I can work on business plan over Christmas after all my Christmas orders are complete.”


"The Member's lounge is a great place to learn and get support. I joined it after being in Sharn's free Facebook group. The content is really inspiring and it's great to be in a group where women support each in a positive way."


"Sharn's workshop in January put me in a whole new direction with my business. She made me see how everything I was thinking were just blocks, how setting clear goals will help you achieve them and how to add more structure on a day to day basis. One of the biggest things that has massively helped me has been the mindset part of it. I have achieved so much since the workshop so thank you Sharn!” 


"I attended Sharn’s Shine Bright workshop in Jan 2018. Sharn herself is a strong, determined, motivated, inspirational woman who is very bubbly and friendly. The workshop completely surpassed my expectations, it was very inspiring, motivating and informative and I honestly believe it’s massively helped me to get my mindset in place for the opening of my first salon, it’s also provided me with the relevant information that it will aid me in growing my business moving forward. In the workshop she focused a lot on branding and marketing and these are topics I’ve always been very weak at in business so I think that massively helped me too. Thank you so much Sharn you are absolutely amazing, keep up the great work, I look forward to everything that is to come”.


"Whenever I’m stuck or need some business clarity, I ask Sharn for a one-to-one session. I get so much out of our sessions and all questions answered plus more!   

When it was time to push things forward with my business, I called Sharn, things went so smoothly after that. I would never have achieved what I did without Sharn. When it came time to launch my crystal grids, I called Sharn. The grids sold so well, I couldn’t believe how well they did because of Sharn’s help with strategy.    

March is my highest income month to date! Sharn helps bring out your inner creative and inner entrepreneur...anything she touches turns to gold. She really has flipped my life around! I now have the confidence to do things in my business that I never did due to the mastermind and one to one sessions.    

I’m forever grateful to have a mentor like Sharn.


"I would definitely recommend Sharn to anyone who is looking to achieve results in a quick time through her mastermind or mentoring. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, or where you are in your business. However, word of caution - you have to be prepared to do the work.  

Sharn will give you lots of tools, mindset and marketing strategies. She will also share with you a number of ways to get your business noticed but you have to be passionate and do the work. 

I cannot even start to explain the support, guidance and contacts you will receive but there is so much more to learn than just setting up your business.  

Thank you Sharn, since my relaunch in September, I have increased bookings, clients and exposure and my business it is being noticed so differently than before. I have also had my highest income month.”

Sonal Dave

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