Hey there, incredible soul!

I See YOU.

You’re an amazing Asian female service-based entrepreneur. 

You might be a coach, influencer, therapist, healer, creative, or any service-based soul-led business with huge dreams! 

You may already have some clients and you’re getting them amazing results.

Or you have a big and beautiful business idea, and you just don’t know how to bring your vision into reality and launch your business.

You just know you’re here to make a big impact in the world through your purpose-led brand.

From the outside everything looks great...

But that’s not the full story.

Step Into Your Expansion. Create a Huge Impact. Answer Your Calling.

This is a 3-month mentorship for Asian female entrepreneurs who are ready to leave a legacy.

You may have figured out how to get your business off the ground and running, but you’ve hit a block and you don’t know where to go from here.

You may have a lot of fear and self-doubt which blocks you from starting your soul-led business.

You’re tired of projecting this image of confidence on the outside when really, you’re lacking in self-belief on the inside.

You’re waking up each day with great intentions to create great content but end up hiding your magic and failing to take action because of the fear of others. 

You’re so powerful yet you constantly underplay your gifts and talents in this world.

And you know you’re ready to expand and break through to the next level.

Yet, something’s not quite fitting into place.

So, what if there was another way?

✹ A way that teaches the latest deep mindset, aligned soulful marketing, and manifestation techniques for a successful online business in 2024 and beyond. 
✹ A way that makes you feel empowered to take action on a daily basis.

✹ A way where you have me as your mentor and coach, and I personally guide you through the toughest challenges of business.

✹ A way that personally speaks to your soul, so you feel good enough and worthy enough daily.  

✹ A way where you can learn all the strategic marketing and mindset strategies you need for a successful business.  

Because I know that you are the world’s best-kept secret.

And YOU know that there is SO much more available to you right now.

You see growing or launching your business alone is lonely, confusing, and very difficult.

How do I know? Because I tried to do it all on my own and failed miserably!

So breathe. This isn’t about doing ALL the things and hustling your way to success and burning out.
This is about stepping into your leadership.

My one-to-one mentoring programme is a bespoke designed mentorship that is designed to take you and your business to the next level. I'm on a mission to empower Asian female entrepreneurs globally to be ready to break down cultural barriers and blocks and step into the highest versions of themselves. I want to help you a life that you love and a business that supports your dream life.

Introducing The Rise Mentorship

 It’s time for you to start owning your power and what you are meant for in this world.

 It’s time for you to step into your next level expansive self. 

Only a few years back I was a bullied corporate employee. I hated my job and felt stuck and unfilled. I left my high-flying marketing agency role to follow my dreams, as cliché as it sounds! Oh, and I grew up on the roughest streets of Swindon surrounded by drugs and prostitutes.  

I build my first business – Desi Bride Dreams a luxury wedding planning company from the ground up. I grew this business close to six figures and was booking destination wedding clients within 18 months of launching my business. This was unheard of at the time in the wedding planning industry.

I'm Sharn Khaira, and I am a CERTIFIED business, mindset mentor, and energy practitioner. 

Desi Bride Dreams has been featured in some of the biggest UK wedding titles including You & Your Wedding magazine and Perfect Wedding magazine. We have also been featured in global wedding blogs such as Strictly Weddings, Nu Bride, and Secret Wedding blog to name a few.  

I have also spoken out about the Asian wedding market and my role for titles such as Asian Today and Asian Leader as well as being featured on the BBC Breakfast show as a guest expert and the BBC Asian Network.  

Over the last few years, my company has hit over half a million in sales. That’s not all. I have helped SO many of my clients achieve their goals in business. Whether it’s their first £1k month or their first six-figure year. My expertise in business and mindset can help you create more money and income in your business.

I like to lead by example and show you what’s possible. Because if I can do it so, can you!

As seen in...

Let Me Guess…

Here’s the thing, you are blocking your true power and success. I know you are capable of achieving all your desires and dreams.

What if Instead, You Could…

Attract amazing dream soul clients who don’t mess you around and pay your advertised rates and of course drain your energy!

You keep doubting yourself and playing small because you constantly keep questioning if you are good enough to create your dream success which you so deeply desire.

You are aimlessly scrolling on Instagram for “inspiration” but then getting stuck in the comparison trap when you look at other accounts in your industry. The feeling of “Why aren’t I further ahead” just takes you down a rabbit hole of shame.

You are downloading ALL the freebies to find out exactly how you should be executing your business. Whether that’s podcasts, YouTube, or just random free masterclasses!

You are paralysed by your to-do list and you don’t know what actually moves the needle forward in your business. Is it Tik Tok, Instagram, or YouTube?

You keep looking at what kind of content other Asian female entrepreneurs are posting within your niche and thinking to yourself what do I need to post?

You stopped listening to the negative voice in your head which create imposter syndrome within you because you know on a deep level you are truly worthy of having big success.

Ditch procrastination and step into your true authentic self and execute in your business like the CEO you were born to be.

Have full confidence in your pricing so you aren’t lowering your rates and second-guessing your pricing.

You are here to create a HUGE impact.

You are here to change the world.

You are here to live out your dream life.

You are here to be excited about your heart-centred mission and vision on a daily basis.

It’s time to make a decision.

To go from hustler to CEO.

From entrepreneur to a true leader.

Introducing The Rise Mentorship

I see YOU, Queen.

"Hands down ladies, this is the best thing you can do to invest in yourself. Sharn is real, passionate in what she does and really cares about you and your successes!!

I had a dormant dream buried deep within FOR YEARS, too scared to do anything about it, yet unfulfilled... and now im taking bookings for Angelic reiki regularly since last year!"

Kam Lota
Founder of Soulkami

Juslena Randhawa
Founder of Nashtaa Cafe

"The complete mindset learning has helped me shift so many barriers that were stopping me from breaking those glass ceilings.

Sharn has helped me gain a new confidence and belief in myself, I am so glad I joined it has definitely made such an impact in me taking my business to the next level and putting my all into my business. As a result, we had a super successful launch and have been super busy with bookings!

Sharn is so helpful and her guidance is unmatched. So grateful to have met her and coached/mentored with her.

Thank you Sharn and your amazing team."

"I have gained the confidence to become visible in my business through my content and book my dream clients for my healing services, programmes and retreats!

I no longer feel stuck or trapped in my business - I have the mindset tools and the confidence to move forward without fear.

I’m now taking bigger steps than ever before, and even my other business is thriving like never before."

Rehmat Rayatt
Founder of Trauma Alchemist


"Before I started working with Sharn, I had zero idea of what I was doing, all I had was a passion, a purpose and a vision. But I had no idea how to make this vision come to life. Having Sharn as a business coach is invaluable, it was the best thing I did for myself and my business.

Just after 3 months of working with her, the growth I have seen in myself has been monumental and I can already see big shifts happening in my business.  I have signed dream clients. I have a clear sense of direction, I know exactly what I need to be focusing on and why and my goals are clearly outlined. I am so grateful and so pleased I took the leap and made this investment."

Ayesha JoshI
Founder of Ayesha NLP Coach

"Working with Sharn was an enlightening experience for me. She assisted me in recognising my self-destructive behaviours and provided me with strategies to overcome them. Our sessions focused on eliminating negative energy and cultivating a positive mindset, which has had a favourable impact on my mindset and business.

Sharn assigned me tasks that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and helped me realise that it's okay to try and fail and try again until I succeed instead of holding back for fear of failing. As a result, I have become more confident in pursuing my goals without hesitation.

I have been booking more dream clients and become incredibly visible online. I'm really happy to have invested to work with Sharn!"

Niyanta Shah
London Bridal Henna Artist

My bespoke RISE one-to-one mentorship includes:

Book a Clarity call


I have looked hard at what creates success amongst Asian female entrepreneurs. My unique combination and approach towards coaching and mentoring include mindset, subconscious rewiring, and business strategy. I will use a combination of tried and tested tools such as hypnosis, emotional freedom technique and energy clearing to release what’s blocking you from success.

You will access to my exclusive portal of training which is designed to equip you the most up-to-date knowledge about business and marketing. Together will create your bespoke marketing plan for the next six months. 

business Strategy

Soulful Marketing

Together we will create a soulful marketing plan. This will include diving into your messaging, your positioning, your social media content plan and so much more.

close proximity Support

You will have Voxer access to me Monday through to Wednesday so you can voice note me any burning questions you may have. Just imagine the breakthroughs you will receive by having me in your back pocket!

You will also receive detailed trainings on:

✦ Instagram Strategy to Book Clients

✦ How To Launch Online Courses

✦ Content Strategy to Attract Dream Clients

✦ How To Sell Soulfully

✦ How To Market to Your Dream Clients

✦ How To Master Your Messaging to Attract Dream Clients

✦ How To Overcome Money Blocks

✦ How To Create an Unstoppable Mindset

✦ How To Create An Email List So You Can Generate More Sales

And SO much more!

Here are just some of my mentoring and mastermind results from some incredible women I have worked with: 

These are just some of the phenomenal success stories!

Sonali soft launched her new wellness retreat just three weeks into the new mastermind and had her highest income month of £7k recently. She handed in her notice at work in 2019 at work and is now consistently booked with clients!

Sonal who is a toastmaster relaunched her business with a huge bang! This included multiple pieces of media including Khush Magazine and BBC Asian Network! She also had her highest income month ever and has launched her own public speaking workshops!

Sonali who is a brand designer completely changed her business model and is smashing her income goals each month! She also handed her notice in this year and is full time in her business

Nish celebrated two consecutive five-figure months in revenue – that’s over £10k in revenue!

Tanya who is a henna artist celebrated her highest income month in July and got two pieces of amazing press coverage including BBC Oxford Radio! She also has collaborated with John Lewis for their paid Diwali campaign!

Aarti celebrated being on the BBC Asian Network radio in the first two weeks of the mastermind! This opportunity definitely would have not happened if she wasn't in the mastermind!

Mandeep launched her website in the middle of lockdown week but still had an incredible amount of sales and record sales since then!

Kajal worked through her money blocks via the training and smashed some extremely big income ceilings! She continues to sell out her workshops and retreats since finishing the mastermind!

Sejal launched her beautiful luxury candle brand with a bang and an incredible amount of orders and her brand getting instant recognition!

Kam finally launched her healing business after sitting on her idea for 20 years!

Gurjinder joined the mastermind during the lockdown. She had to quickly pivot her business due to the events industry being on hold. She has been fully booked in her marketing business since April!

Here's what's included...

Each month You'll get access to:

60 minute strategy intensive

We start off with a Zoom intensive. In this intensive we get ready to review your business goals, take a deep dive into discovering your ideal client, exploring mindset blocks which are holding you back, looking at your marketing channels to see what's working and what isn't. We will look at your income goals and where you want to get to. Then we carefully curate a three-month strategy plan to achieve the goals we set together.

Marketing Plans

Achieving a goal takes steps and those steps need to be actionable! We will create a marketing and strategy plan for each goal we set, so we can achieve them together over the course of your 90 day program.

Twice Monthly Calls

Accountability is key to any female entrepreneurs success as we work in isolation most of the time. Therefore, we will have two 45-minute calls per month to review your progress. Every call is recorded, and the complete recording is provided to you to keep on hand. We will talk action, strategy mindset blocks and feedback! At the end of the call we agree your homework and your next steps to ensure you are taking the right action to move your business forward. If you do get stuck, I will catch you. Why? Because I deeply care about my clients!


If you have questions in between your bi-monthly calls you can reach out via email! I'm happy to provide feedback on copy, branding, pitch emails, and your website or if you are just feeling stuck. Together we will push your business forward quicker than you ever imagined'


Achieving your potential and creating a business you love will require you to learn marketing and mindset techniques to help you move forward both in life and business. As part of my mentoring programme you will get access to a suite of incredible marketing and mindset trainings. 

"I signed my first few clients only after being in the [PROGRAM] for a few months and I was starting my business and Instagram account from scratch. I now also have mindset and business strategies that will help me build my business to attract more dream clients.

If you are an Asian female entrepreneur wanting to up-level your business and life then I would 100% recommend Sharn's programs! You will not regret it!"

Misha Patel

Ganga Bhambra

"I noticed a significant difference in my business. I was already an established business but not a brand and I was struggling to attract my ideal clients that pay higher fees.

Having been through this journey it has helped me so much in business. I am finally attaching my right client, my mindset towards money and business has completely changed, and I truly feel this has made a huge difference in all aspects of my life."

"I had my dream launch, where I led a couples workshop for 120 people across the world. I now have an audience of 25,000 across my social platforms and have built a global community which serves the strength, peace and happiness to souls during this unusual time. 

I literally went from a dusty old blog to a global platform serving thousands of people around the world. If anyone is sitting on the fence, I'd say to dive in because I found that the moment I started investing in my dreams, my dreams invested in me!"

Henika Patel


You were never meant to back down or give up on your dream business.

You're a passionate Asian female entrepreneur for a reason and you were born to succeed.

Let's get fired up, change course and re focus on the steps you can take right now to live your dream life.

Are you ready to become the woman you were born to be?

If I can do it,you CAN too!

If you would like to set up at clarity call to discuss the mentoring package in more detail, get in touch with me below.


Pay in 6 months

Pay in 3 months

Pay in full (£300 off)


Pay in 9 months





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Please note that if you are opting for a 9-month payment plan then two payments need to have cleared before we can commence the mentoring.

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